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26 October 2009 @ 11:04 pm
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25 October 2009 @ 11:28 am
a glee meme

Reason for Liking Glee: I am a musical-aholic. And the fact they have taken all the things I love about musicals mixed in some teen drama / comedy / romance and jazz hands has just blown my mind. How could I not love it?
Favorite Character(s): Rachel, Will, Emma, Sue, Artie
Reason for Liking Said Character(s):
Rachel because I have a soft spot for Lea Michele from hours of listening to Spring Awakening on repeat. Also because if I had the same range as her I would totally be the same.
Will because I love him rapping. He doesn't care how silly he looks and despite losing his way at one point, he believes so strongly in Glee and wants them all to excel and feel Glee.
Emma because she is as cute as a button and I love her OCD.
Sue because I have liked Jane Lynch since she was in The L Word and I love her bitchy characters they make me lol.
Artie because I love how he's acted by such a great dancer and his "holla" in Push It.
Most Hated Character(s): Terri and Sandy
Reason for Hating Said Character(s):
Terri because she's a manipulative bitch. I seriously can't stand her at all. I don't care that she's desperatly clinging to her marriage...she's doing because she loves the lifestyle, she loves the past. And I want to punch the tv when she complains about how hard she works etc. OH! And the licking the finger mug wiping. Bitch.
Favorite Episode(s): I'm in Australia too...and I dont have much download time left...so I've only watched up to Vitamin D...
Soooooo definitely the Pilot (because it got me hooked) and The Rhodes Not Taken (because it had Kristin!)
Favorite Song(s) From Show: Don't Stop Believin' is my ring tone.
Last Name is adorable with Cheno.
Bust Your Windows is fierce.
But I can't pick one favourite...
Favorite Pairing(s): Rachel/Finn...Will/Emma...Puck/Quinn
Most Hated Pairing(s): Will/Terri obviously.
Annnnnnd Quinn/Finn because their names ryhyme :D
If you were a jock/cheerleader who was able to join the glee club, would you not join because of peer pressure or would you follow your heart and join?: I would be the first one to sign up.
Why?: Because I live for music. I would have been part of it from day one. No matter what anyone else thinks.
Who would be your best friend(s) in the club?: Probs Tina, Artie, Kurt and Rachel (even though I'd be crazy jealous of her talent)
Who would be your worst enemy(ies) in the club?: Mercedes Because I'm a stubborn/opinionated person and we'd just clash. like woah.
What would you do if Sue decided to pick on you?: I don't know. Depends on how horrible...haha...I'd probably take it and then rant about what a bitch she was in my el-jay
What would you do to someone if they 'slushied' you?: Probably cry. If not I'd attack.
Which boy/girl in the club would you try to take as your own?: I'd pine over Quinn because she is stunning...but I'd actively go for Rachel / Finn because well I have a thing for brunettes / talented people (that would be Rachel btw) / tall people.
Why are you doing this meme?: Because I would rather do this than write essays...and I'm attempting to start writing in my el-jay again and I need friends :D
Who would you choose to do this meme after you?: You. Yes that's right. You read mine...now do one! Maybe we can be friends??
Any last words you'd like to say to the cast in case they're reading this by some odd coincidence?: I want in. I don't care how small or trivial. I need to be part of this.

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05 August 2009 @ 05:18 pm
First icon post in my pretty new journal :D

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08 March 2009 @ 11:15 pm
This entry is basically a head's up...I missed the performance show tonight because it was my brother's birthday and the real world was calling. I will post about the elimination show tomorrow.

Also I need to put it out some where (and hopefully find someone to bitch about it with me), but what really, really annoys me more than anything else right this moment is preppy girls obsessing about Twilight like its Jane Austen or Charles Dickens. Sure, its 'cute' in the sense that you read it, you make it ten times better in your head, you buy all the books and can't put them down...but you do. And when you do, and you either watch the movie, re-read or simply think about it some more...you recognise it for what it is.

I seem to have lots of tutes and lectures with straight-from-high-school girls or simply airheads, who can't get enough of Twilight. I have friends on various social network sights who list Twilight, and Twilight alone as their 'Favourite Book' like its something to be proud of. There are so many more books out there with so much more depth, better relationships, not so creepy or whatever...

There are so many more movies created that capture a beautiful love, an everlasting love type relationship with actors who can act, screenwriters who can write a script etc...I just don't understand how the book has brainwashed a whole generation of girls. Everyone seems to declare their love for Edward Cullen (hello the guy is an obsessive stalker...sure he comes up with some cute remarks...but stop to think about it...seriously) or Robert Patterson (who I didn't like in HP but wanted to shoot myself a-watching Twilight...because his terrible acting paired with Kristen Stewart is the WORST combination ever or anyone)...

I guess I just expected just a little bit more of everyone.

Oh well.

05 February 2009 @ 06:47 pm

I am not great at many things. I am big enough to admit that. One thing I actually quite suck at is keeping a diary...
I have tried endlessly in hopes that one year it might just stick, that I might remain inspired enough to keep going past the first few months. It shouldn't be hard to simply write a quick note at the end of the day, to take a note of all the things that have made me laugh, made me cry or have changed me. But for some strange reason the blank page seems to make my mind go blank as well.

I am the proud owner of many started journals, many half filled books, many half filled promises, dreams...but I find that what does happen to jump on the page is nothing of real substance, and that is something I long to write. I long to be inspired enough to create something that will make people listen.

I get flashes of inspiration in life. Examples litter notepads and usbs....endless amounts of planning, of first chapters, of characters just waiting to get out and live... but my inspiration dies before they take their first breath.

I am about to start my first year at university. I am about to begin the rest of my grown up life. And I feel that now, more than ever, I should try and keep a journal. Keep writing about the little things that I see, hear, do... because I've just spent a whole year working...and yet I seem to have nothing to show for it. I need something to show at the end of it...I need something to pass on and prove that although I sucked at many things, I was able to, for one time, keep something going past the first few chapters.

And that is why I've created a new journal (for new journals are inspiring...at least they are once you've wasted enough time disguising the blank page into a colourful picture of who you are) in hopes of actually finishing something.

So here goes...

wish me luck
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